Am I going to save money?

Not only will you save money using Atlas Currency Exchange, you will also save time which is often a more valuable commodity than $$.

Atlas Currency is a very transparent Company, probably one of the only Non-Bank providers that will display an exchange rate that you actually get. Most providers do not display their exchange rates and often, will display a cross rate which becomes very disheartening when a client asks for the rate displayed, only to be told, “sorry, that is the live market feed!”

Every day, Atlas displays our exchange rates and compares them against the four major Australian Banks. Do the sums, you can see a considerable saving when comparing Atlas.

So for the Traveller, see how Atlas can save money and time by sending your travel money to your door. Add up the cost and time to getting in your car and driving, parking and the spontaneous spend when heading to the shopping centre. Follow the link to our ideal travel package.

As far as the person/business that needs to send or receive
International Money.

Transfers, you must contact Atlas for a brief 2 minute exchange rate comparison. Contact our International Money Transfer department and get a live rate comparison. The systems Atlas have in place has allowed our minimum overhead cost and extremely large referral business to pass on savings to both our small and large clients to ensure they get the best exchange rate possible.

Having an “Exchange Rate Guarantee” ensures you receive the best value for your dollar and remember, make sure you only deal with an Australian Financial Services Licence Holder.

Atlas Currency holds an AFS Licence (# 342 627) and is Authorised in Foreign Exchange Contracts and Non-Cash payment products.