International Money Transfers

Atlas Currency Exchange can assist in all manners of personal and Company foreign exchange requirements:

  • Regular international transfers
  • Expats needs
  • Emigrating or Immigrating with foreign funds
  • International students fees and personal funds
  • Property / boats / cars purchase
  • One-off transactions
  • Receiving payment in a foreign currency
  • Receiving pensions from overseas
  • Paying International suppliers in a foreign currency

In all the above instances we can facilitate and expediate your transactions at competitive rates and speed of settlement.

Our FX trading platform ensures we provide extremely competitive rates. While our back office systems give your business the ability to manage and track all your payments easily and cost effectively adding value to your bottom line.

Regardless of the economy or trading environment, everybody seeks the best possible rate of exchange for their dollar. Atlas Currency Exchange provides a FX dealer to step you through the registration process and answer any of your transaction enquiries while providing competitive rates and excellent customer service.

Give Atlas Currency Exchange the opportunity to quote on your transaction and compare us to your current provider. We are confident you will be impressed with our commitment to your business and our motto ‘Money Matters …’.