Ideal Travel Package

So we think we have come up with the ideal travel package, up to $1,000 AUD worth of the foreign currency notes of your choice, a Global Travel Card and an International SIM card for your mobile phone or tablet to save you on your Global Roaming costs.

Generally people feel comfortable carrying up to $1,000AUD in foreign notes. Having access to the local currency when you arrive at a country is imperative, it relieves the stress of trying to find an ATM or exchange currency.

Loading money onto a Travel Card is a great way to reduce your exposure to some of the following issues when using your Australian Banks ATM cards;

  • Identity fraud (our Travel Card does not have your name on it and is no way
    linked to any of your other bank accounts or credit files etc.)
  • Exchange rate fluctuations
  • Fees associated with your bank ATM cards.

See the other benefits of our Travel Card here.

Most travellers have at some stage been stung by International Roaming charges on their mobile phone or tablet. We can supply International SIMs that can save up to 70% on your Roaming Charges.

This package can be sent direct to your door Australia wide for $9.95

Here is an example of an order,
$850 AUD worth of EUR notes
$600 AUD loaded onto a EUR Global Travel Card
$34.95 1 X Roaming SIM (with $10 credit included)
$9.95 Delivery fee
TOTAL $1,494.90

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