Currency Exchange Rates

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Atlas CE Rates IMT Buy IMT Sell Cash Buy Cash Sell Travel Card Sell
$ USD .7166 .6926 .7236 .6853 .6676
£ GBP .5535 .5342 .5656 .5237 .5101
EUR .606 .584 .6205 .572 .5578
¥ JPY 75.81 72.92 79.41 71.55 69.6375
$ NZD 1.0891 1.0355 1.1164 1.0295 1.0098


$ USD.7388.6679.7298.6854.7377.6687.7332.6772
£ GBP.5689.5177.5652.5287.5701.5167.5663.5228
¥ JPY77.6970.4577.1872.2877.870.5277.3671.42
$ NZD1.10571.02741.09881.04031.10861.02831.10461.039
$ USD.7389.6854.737.6754
£ GBP.5752.5287.5793.5192
¥ JPY81.9272.2878.170.85
$ NZD1.15221.04031.12691.0203


Last Updated: 21 Oct 2020 10:18 AM

#Please note that the above rates were correct at time of printing, as per the date and time above, for amounts up to $50,000 AUD equivalent. Conditions apply.

The above are subject to change and should be used as an indication or guide only.

Please call 1300 261 090 for current rates, fees and/or delivery schedules.

* Rate Guarantee applies to International Money Transfers and Foreign Currency Notes only. A comparison exchange rate quote must be provided, this can be done via email or screen shot. Does not apply to Travel Cards.

Always read the PDS (product disclosure statement) and FSG prior to making Travel Card Decisions !

 Travel Card purchases and re-loads through Atlas Currency allows you to load when overseas via internet bank transfer. Most other cards are to be loaded via Bpay which can take up to 4 business days to have funds activated on the card, using Atlas Currency you can save up to 3 days to have funds available on your card.

Please read the PDS of any card that is known as a multicurrency card. Any time you move any currency across to another, a currency exchange is performed (this can also occur when reloading the card). There are many ways of incurring losses on your total value held on a multicurrency card, just ensure you fully understand the PDS. If you are still unsure, there should be a contact number for you to call. It also pays to get any answers given by call centres to send an email through to you stating what was discussed so you have it in writing.

Request a copy of current PDS and FSG (Product Disclosure Statement or the Financial Service Guide) When something is not clear, seek independent advice.

All above information was correct at the time of printing. A PDS and FSG as well as any additional terms and conditions is always the best way to self educate prior to making any purchases. The above exchange rates have been provided for an indication of costs when seeking quotations on the cost of buying or selling foreign currency.