Foreign Money Transfers

Whether for international investment, when importing stock and paying suppliers or exporting your product and receiving foreign settlement, Atlas Currency Exchange can assist you with your foreign transactions.


Every day, Atlas Currency Exchange provides cost effective and efficient international payment solutions. Atlas Currency is committed to delivering on the promise of exceptional client service.

Atlas Currency Exchange is the trading name of Rykan Enterprises Pty Ltd. An Australian Company with over 10 years experience, the Director and head Licensee having over 16 years experience within the Foreign Currency industry.

There are many foreign exchange providers in Australia including the Banks and various other providers. Atlas Currency Exchange is the only 100% Australian owned Company that holds an Australian Financial Services Licence Authorizing it to provide all Foreign Currency Contracts (SPOT and FORWARD), provide Global Travel Cards and supply all Foreign Currency Cash requirements.

The Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL No. 342627) is issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). It is a requirement of this licence that Atlas maintains prescribed Surplus Liquid Funds (SLF) balances at all times.

Atlas, through the requirements of holding an AFSL, is subject to quarterly and annual financial and compliance audits performed by an authorized external audit company that is to report to ASIC. This licence guarantees Atlas comply with all relevant legislation and regulations governing financial institutions in Australia.

Atlas Currency is a member of the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) our member number is 14523. You have the ability to contact FOS to see if we have had any complaints against us.

Atlas is also regulated by AUSTRAC as a designated remittance provider under the Anti- Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 (AML/CTF Act).

The level of external regulation and oversight, combined with Atlas’s commitment to prudential risk management through its own risk management systems and those implemented by the external compliance companies appointed ensures a high level of security and peace of mind for its clients.

In September 2011, Atlas Currency Exchange was nominated in the “Import Export Industry Awards” This event was held in Sydney and was designed to showcase the companies and organisations honored for their significant contribution to international trade facilitation in this country. Atlas was successful in winning the category of “Foreign Currency Exchange Provider”. Atlas again won this award in 2012.

Atlas Currency has been likened to the “Aussie Home Loans” of the Foreign Currency Industry by many of its clients. Continually providing rates and services to Australian businesses that the banks do not want to compete with.

The reason we can offer better rates than the banks is we are able to source competitive exchange rates through FX volumes and continue to operate using smaller margins with lower overheads.

With Atlas Currency Exchange you can expect;

Personalised Support


Atlas Currency International Payments is a service, not simply a transaction. Your dedicated FX Dealer and Business Development Rep are both equipped with the experience needed to understand your foreign exchange requirements. Receive competitive rates, up-to-the- minute market data all relevant to your individual business and its currency requirements. After all, the less time you spend monitoring the market, the more time you’ll have to run your business.

You can also manage regular payees more effectively as their details are automatically stored in our system for quick and easy payments. You can plan your transactions in advance and have payments made automatically on a scheduled future date.

Atlas Currency Exchange has been trading currency since 2001 initially in more of a retail aspect. Due to our increasing data base of clients and with the various services and products requested, several years back it was a decision made to not only begin providing wholesale services but to also acquire the AFS Licence to enable the complete range of FX products and services now available.

The core business remains clear: delivering FX solutions for people and businesses. Throughout our history we have expanded our business but stay focused on our promise to provide personalized service and foreign currency product alternatives.

A benefit for our clients include the best quote pricing from our dealers that are sourced from the world’s leading FX Banks, this way we are not limited to rates from a single source provider.

Rate Alert and Notifications.


With this innovative function you no longer need to spend time monitoring Currency and rates. You can receive a Rate Alert via email, SMS or a phone call when a specific rate for your chosen currency is available. Our system will automatically send you a notification email when the payment has been processed. This gives you the confidence that the payment is secured, it can also be used to forward through to your beneficiary.

Receiving funds.

Incoming Telegraphic Transfers


If you need to receive an International Payment in a currency other than your local currency, we offer an Inward Telegraphic Transfer to convert the funds and deposit them into your local account. Atlas Currency also has the ability to hold your incoming transfer in its native currency in one of our “Foreign Currency” accounts. This gives you the added choice of having your foreign funds here in Australia and not having to exchange your currency immediately. If you choose, you can exchange half the value now and the remaining amount at a later stage.

Sending funds.

Outgoing Telegraphic Transfers


A Telegraphic Transfer is a secure and convenient way to electronically deposit funds directly into an overseas account. In most instances, the beneficiary will receive their payment within 24 to 48 hours. It’s an efficient way to send money overseas quickly and safely; which leaves you relaxed about your international business dealings.



Bank Drafts are similar to foreign bank cheques. They are a secure way to send money abroad when the beneficiary’s banking details are not available.  

Cross Currency Payments.


You can settle your outward transaction in a currency other than your local currency. For example, you can use available Euro funds to create a US Dollar payment, thereby reducing your FX conversion costs and maximising your savings and processing times.  

Managing Risk.

Lock In A Future Rate With A Forward Contract.


A Forward Contract can protect you against market fluctuations by securing today’s exchange rate for future use. Forward Contracts can be requested from your dealer and can be booked for up to six months and draw downs are available immediately right through to your requested value date.

Spot Rate.


Put simply, a SPOT is a one-day Forward Contract that you can create using FX Quote. If the opening market rate is attractive to you and you are concerned about the market shifts through the day, you can lock in the rate there and then, and complete the payment before 4:00pm on the same day. This is also useful if you want to commit to a rate, but don’t have all the details of the beneficiary on hand. You can lock in the exchange, and complete the transaction later that day.

Benefits for clients registered for International Payments.


All clients that have received a customer number through registering for International Payment will receive wholesale exchange rates for any Foreign Cash requirements. They will also receive free delivery on any Travel Card product and obtain a discounted rate on any International SIM cards for mobile phone use when used overseas.

These products can all be ordered through your dealer and can be sent directly to your business premises.

Start transacting with confidence. Create your account and receive your customer number today.

Setting up your account is simple. Follow the steps below:

1. Print out the attached application form, fill it out and return it to us. Fax 02 66 857 787 or Email

2. Receive your customer number.

3. Call the 1300 261 090 number to speak with your FX Dealer and start making or receiving international payments.


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